11 Best Hospitals in Delhi NCR — List 2021

Best Hospital in Delhi List

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The capital city of India is one of the metropolitan cities. Delhi is a well-developed city with plenty of facilities. Along with a large business area, it also has great medical facilities. There are many hospitals in Delhi which provide better medical care. Many large medical facilities are administered by the national government or the National Capital Region. There are many multispecialty hospitals in Delhi because nowadays multispecialty hospitals have become the first choice. Now hospitals are becoming huge as a multispecialty hospital. Who provide additional technology to patients. They have all the resources of medical and other programs which are not available in general rehabilitation areas. India has made its own identity in the treatment of various diseases for less money on expensive treatment. Now the patient can save a lot of expense and get high-quality medical care services. Where the specialized hospitals are using the most advanced technologies for treatment and surgery with years of experience. These specialized hospitals are known for various treatments. you will find Dedicated facilities for the patient and family in specialized hospitals. Specialty hospital staff are deemed to provide better services to families and to take good care of the patient during a challenging and crucial time.

Are you looking for the top hospitals in Delhi?

There are several hospitals in Delhi that are following international standards of quality and care in providing medical treatment.
You can search for multispecialty hospitals in Delhi with their characteristics and details. Get the list of hospitals in Delhi to get the cost of treatment as per the procedure. We provide you a list of the top hospitals in Delhi along with their characteristics and details. We Can help you to find the Best Hospital in Delhi that comply with international standards of quality and care in providing medical treatment.

Basic Services in top hospitals:

Every top hospital has these basic services. Before going to any of the top hospitals, be sure to review these basic services:

Health Checkup Packages, Diagnostic Services, Inpatient Services, Outpatient Services, Visitor Information, Insurance, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Online Doctor’s Appointment, Ventilator service, ICU service, Virtual Tour, CGHS & Other Govt. Schemes, Laboratory Services, MRI, Radiology, Blood Bank, and much more.

List of top hospitals in delhi with their feature details:

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Established in 1983 by Dr. Reddy. The mission of Apollo Hospital is to make healthcare accessible to internal standards within the reach of every person. “. More than 9,850 beds in 64 hospitals in Polo, more than 3500 pharmacies, more than 100 primary care and diagnostic brands, 120 telemedicine units in 9 countries, health insurance services, global project consultancy, 15th institute, and globally Focuses are included.

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

Recognized worldwide as a center of excellence providing the latest technology in cardiac bypass surgery, interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology, pediatric cardiology, and pediatric cardiac surgery. The hospital is supported by the most advanced laboratories performing a full range of investigational tests in the fields of nuclear medicine, radiology, biochemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, and microbiology. Also, they have highly experienced physicians who provide a good service. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has an infrastructure of 310 beds. They also have 5 cath labs along with other world-class equipment.

Max Super Specialty Hospital

Max Super Specialty Hospital was started in 1985. Max Super Specialty Hospital offers treatment for all 29 specialties, with a network of 14 hospitals. Max Super Specialty Hospital has a 500-bed facility. There are 2300+ leading doctors with international levels of expertise who are committed to providing the highest levels of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital Delhi

BLK Super Specialty Hospital has a unique combination of best-class technology with best health care services. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is spread over five acres with a capacity of 650 beds. The hospital has separate Intensive Care Units ie Medical, Surgical, Cardiac, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Neurosurgeon, and Organ Transplant. All operation manufacturers are equipped with class pendants, operating lights, anesthesia workstations, and advanced information management systems. The hospital has separate Intensive Care Units ie Medical, Surgical, Cardiac, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Neurosurgeon, and Organ Transplant with 125 beds being the largest critical care program in the region.

Medanta Hospital

Medanta is one of the most renowned hospitals in Delhi and it has 6 centers with the best technology in the world. High-quality treatment is provided here at a very affordable price. Excellent care is provided to patients with great infrastructure. The hospital has 1250 beds to treat patients with kindness and respect.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in India which is a multi-specialty state-of-the-art hospital. Gangaram Hospital is known for its superior medical care and due to this, it has also acquired the status of a major medical center. Ganga Ram Hospital also provides medical services to its neighboring states along with Delhi. Here, patients from India as well as from neighboring countries have got their treatment done. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has 675 beds which provide a high class of medical services to the whole of India.

Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center

Established in 1987 by Chaudhary Aishi Ram Batra. Hospital has a facility of 495 beds, 14 operation theaters, 112 ICU beds, 24 × 7 emergency offices, full range of state-of-the-art psychometrical research centers. Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center come on number third providing health-related services. The hospital has a large team of trained and qualified doctors who are ready for the patients at all times.

Mool Chand Hospital

Moolchand has been setting the standard for the last 9 decades. Moolchand is a place that puts the interests of patients first. More than 250 doctors of 50+ specialties have expertise. It has a facility of 350 beds. Moolchand Care is inspired by the Pathway Protocol, which reflects global best practices and ensures that patients continue to receive quality care.

Primus Super Specialty Hospital

Primus Super Specialty Hospital With leading surgeons, excellent infrastructure, and state-of-the-art advanced technology under one roof, Primus Super Specialty Hospital has set new standards in medical care with 130 beds. We strive to be the best place to treat all medical problems in all age groups. The hospital aims to “establish a network of world-class centers in healthcare by providing state-of-the-art facilities with ethics, compassionate patient care”.

Nestiva Hospital

The Nestiva Hospital was inaugurated by Nestiva Foundation. Establish in 2015 by Dr. Amit Chaudhary & Ankesh Ranjan. Nestiva is one of the leading hospitals located in munirka, Delhi. The hospital aims to provide the best quality care services under one roof. Its aim to provide Health care treatment care to the economically weaker section of society. The hospital has a 25-bed facility, offering the widest range of medical care facilities. Nestiva Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Munirka, Delhi. The dedicated nursing team is trained to offer technical support services for patients with neurological disease, congenital anomalies, post-cardiac operation, coma, injury, dialysis, trauma, physical obstruction, health, mental diseases, and long-term problems and it can provide the best medical care.

Nestiva #hospital passionately serves the community with passion and commitment, imparting medical care of National standards. https://nestivahospital.com/

Nestiva #hospital passionately serves the community with passion and commitment, imparting medical care of National standards. https://nestivahospital.com/